Choisir l'école à la maison pour libérer les enfants

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Choisir l'école à la maison pour libérer les enfants

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Cet article, en anglais, m'est apparu fort intéressant:

Dayna Martin is an UnSchooling advocate and she speaks briefly with Adam Kokesh and crew in this edition of Adam Vs. the Man.

She believes there’s always a way to make homeschooling happen and she provides some important resources.

Her UnSchooling journey began in the hospital after giving birth where on the hospital TV set, the Columbine events were airing live. She wasn’t just concerned about her growing children getting pulled into a school shooting, she wondered how many of those kids didn’t want to be there at school and didn’t have a choice.

She describes how her kids are turning out, learning how to read and write without text books - she calls it immersion learning. Her kids were free-thinking entrepreneurs at early ages, one age four and the other at age 11 with a thriving pet sitting business that most working adults would envy.

Are children at public institutional schools trained for both the cubicle and prison institutions as worker bees?

If children aren’t happy to be at school, should they be there?

Visit Dayna’s site at
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